Hugh Mungus

I have a thing where I like to take picture sitting in really big chairs. I went to a place with a really big chair, but it was raining. I went to sit in the chair and the stain got all over my jeans. I really hated it and had to wash it 3 times. The chair was hugh mungus though.

Green Giant

I get told I talk about food a lot, but food is life. So I went to Grandys to eat.I got the super Tuesday special, which is delicious. Then I saw a huge, fat mosquito on my green beans.

I immediately stop eating the green beans and threw them away. They also tasted like absolute garbage. It didn’t ruin my day because I slowly forgot about it.


I recently visited a relative who had diabetes. Diabetes are a serious thing, never the less i’m still going to joke about them. How come almost 10 percent of Americans have diabetes? Must be the excess of McDonald’s  and fried chicken. Thinking with your stomach is temping I know, but you gotta stop eating all the pop tarts. Every time I want pop tarts there always out of my flavor. Its ridiculous.

(especially in america)

feel thy fire

Once long ago, Mr. meme master went on a trip to San Antonio. It was all cool to see the history and all, but one thing bugged me. The heat. It is so hot in Houston, I once dropped my water on the ground and in a minute it was gone.

I did not know how hot it was. My grandmother bought a mini fan and used 3 batteries in 20 minutes. I dont know how I survived, but I made it. with no vietnam flashbacks either

crippling depression

Yesterday we went to top golf.  We didn’t go to the bay areas though, we went mini golfing. My uncle made a deal that who ever wins gets drinks from the others (not alcohol). So we golfed to the 17 hole. I had 58 strokes and my aunt had 57 strokes. We were down to the last hole. I just did my famous one handed shot and it landed 2 feet from the hole. Then my aunt just did 2 strokes in the same direction. I could win if I make this. I swung and it missed and went down the ramp.


SUPER HOT!!!!!!!!!!

So 3 days ago I went to hot springs AK. It was really fun,  but i’m not going to talk about it all. I’m just going to talk about hot springs. The tittle is not about the hot spring though. Me and my cousin were having a rap battle. He rhymed about himself a lot but I destroyed him  hard. After he said I was king of rap. Then he hit me with this, “just cause you can rap doesn’t mean you can slide your way through school.”

ice cream memes

So yesterday we went for ice cream like normal people. We went to the drive through. I got my ice cream and ate it in the car. My ice cream (3 scoops) fell out. I tried to get it but then we hit a speed bump and it flew and slide all over my clothes. I was sad. Then magic occurred and the ice cream man came around and was selling free ice cream in my flavor. Absolutely amazing.

basketball and pizza rolls

So yesterday was the usual, NOTHING. When I went home I stuffed myself full of trash. but then I went to play some basketball. I’m not great at it, but i’m better than someone who doesn’t know what a basketball is. so I’m playing basketball with my friends and as usual they beat me HARD.


So then I get told i’m the worst and I go home very depressed. Then my day turns around for the second time. my mom calls, very sad “looks like were having pizza rolls for dinner. I almost died from excitement..


So yesterday I did absolutely NOTHING. Literally nothing the entire day. Then my day suddenly changed as my mom said “were going to Churches.” Even though I have chicken everyday nothing beats fried chicken. I absolutely love fried chicken. especially when it comes from churches. Then my young cousin says “don’t you feel bad for the chicken. ” I’ve never thought of it like that.

I suddenly felt bad for all the potential chicken littles who were going to die for all of the Paul Blarts lunch. I mean honestly who is lazy enough to chase a criminal on a segway.

.Anyways after that we did not go to churches because of my cousin. I got him back by locking him into a dryer. Don’t ask me how I did it just know it is done. I did not turn it on,  i did watch someone do it though.

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